dinner menu

every night from 19.00 – 24.00 


warm gin soaked olives €4.50
marinated in citrus fruits, fresh herbs, chilli, olive oil and finally tossed with feta cheese
double crunch southern fried onion rings €4.75
delicious alone or as a compliment
celeriac remolade €3.00
all time french classic
homemade confit duck croquettes €5.95
with cabbage, potato and fragrant béchamel on cranberry and grand mariner coulis
baked cauliflower cheese €4.50
in cheddar béchamel with toasted almond flakes
when the fat lady sings €5.95
vegetarian gyozas, japanese style, traditionally cooked with a light dipping sauce (add guacamole 2.00)
basket of french fries small €2.50 large €4.50
with one of our dipping sauces
basket of cajun fries small €2.75 large €4.75
with one of our dipping sauces

dipping sauces
all home made – yes, even our ketchup!
mayonaise, wasabi mayo, dirty dirty sauce,
tomato ketchup, chipotle mayonaise, barbecue sauce


fettuccine duck ragu €9.95
homemade fettuccine with duck confit, ricotta cheese and fresh basil
mediterranean meatballs €10.95
twice cooked pork meatballs in a cuttlefish, tomato and pepper stew with potato and celeriac root mash
Nachos €8.90
corn tortillas, melted cheese sauce, mexican beans alapeños, pico de gallo & sour cream - add guacamole €2.00
a fishermans tail €10.95
beer battered scampi and chips with mushy peas and classic tartar sauce
drunken prawns €8.95
cooked in garlic and white wine, served with warm our tortilla wraps and a mouth-watering side sauce


tandoori €8.95
slow cooked chicken wings with masala & tandoori spices, tomato, coriander, natural yogurt & mint, with homemade red onion & poppy seed naan bread
jamaican jerk €9.25
barbecued jerk chicken wings, served with twice cooked pineapple, fresh mango, mint & red pepper salsa
buffalo kimchi €7.95
slowly braised, then deep-fried buffalo kimchi wings with a cool blue cheese and chive dip


husk farrow €8.95
husk faro (western Asian grain) with herbed roasted aubergine, heritage carrot, mixed seasonal leafs, chili and cucumber with a natural yogurt dressing
moroccan chickpea €7.95
marinated moroccan chickpeas, with fragrant vegetables, herbs and spices, pomegranate seeds & a tangy tagine dressing
burrata €9.25
italian creamy buratta cheese, pine nuts, skewered chargrilled grapes, fresh basil and mesclum with a sweet valdespino vinaigrette
pot barley €8.50
chewy pot barley tossed with cap portobello mushrooms, shaved fennel, tarragon & grapefruit lush finished with crispy caraway onions
smoked salmon €8.95
over mixed salad greens with sundried tomato, red onion deep fried brie, lightly tossed in a mustard & dill dressing


all our burgers are made from 100% chuck beef
supplied by a family run boqueria butcher
served on a locally baked artisan bun with twice cooked french fries

surf & turf €10.95
beef patti topped with sautéed prawns, smoked cheese tomato and chorizo mayonnaise
wild west €9.95
smoked bacon, onion rings, mushrooms, cheddar & homemade barbecue sauce
wild west €9.95
smoked bacon, onion rings, mushrooms, cheddar & homemade barbecue sauce
mexicano €9.95
jalapeños, avocado, chipotle mayonaise, sour cream, lettuce & tomato - add guacamole €2.00
mahatma gandhi vegetarian €9.95
chickpea & sweet potato burger with hints of chipotle cilantro & cumin, topped with mozzarella, tomato, crispy onion and tzatziki, served with a crunchy raw salad


chocolate mouse €4.75
with coffee liquor, granola, strawberries and toasted almonds
our amazing chocolate brownie €4.75
served with vanilla ice cream and a baileys dulce de leche
marmalade’s cheesecake €4.50
with a fruit of the forest coulis
banana split €4.95
biscuit base, orange cream cheese, banana, pineapple hershey´s chocolate, whipped cream, cherries and walnuts